The Northern Virginia Parents of Multiples (NVPOM) is an organization for families of twins, triplets, or higher-order multiples. We are an active, vibrant, volunteer-based group that provides both support and social activities for its members. We are a member of Multiples of America. Learn more about our club!


Who Are We?


NVPOM’s purpose is to help each other feel prepared and more confident in raising multiple-birth children. We strive to broaden our members’ understanding of various aspects of child development and rearing, especially as they relate to multiples. Join us for an exchange of information between parents, educators, doctors, and other experts, as well as an opportunity to meet other parents who have experienced similar joys and challenges in raising twins, triplets, and more.



Join Us!


NVPOM is non-discriminating. We welcome families in Northern Virginia and Washington, DC, with twins or higher-order multiples of any age to be a part of our growing family. If you have (or are expecting) multiples, click here to join now!


Prospective members are welcome to attend a general meeting prior to joining the Club. For further information regarding NVPOM, please e-mail our VP of Membership at membership@nvpom.com.

Here are just a few of the opportunities that membership with NVPOM offers:


Member Support   Social Activities  
  • A private invite-only Facebook Group for discussion and sales
  • New and Expecting Parent Boot Camp
  • Help for families in need
  • Subgroup for parents of triplets and higher-order multiples
  • Summer family picnic
  • Fall outing to Cox Farms
  • Parents-only outings
  • Age-appropriate playgroups




Club Involvement      
  • Clothing and equipment sales twice per year
  • Guest speakers and information exchange
  • Charitable donations to various organizations in our community
  • Board and committee positions